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Pavement Stabilization in situ Using Lime and/or Concrete

The stabilization with cement and/or lime are part of the recycling activities and are made with the same machinery used for cold recycling with foamed bitumen: The purpose of such interventions is to improve the mechanical properties of materials that show little quality for the use to which they are headed.

The technique of lime stabilizationis used to grant land to inconsistent or low-bearing, improved mechanical interaction of particles using wet clay with lime, the development of the hydration reaction of lime leads to a hardening of the dough and therefore to an increase bearing capacity of the plan Treaty.
The scope is very extensive with the lime stabilization is done to improve the country roads, the bearing capacity of laying plans for road embankments, to the reclamation of land for urbanization and new development

The technique of cement stabilizationis used instead to improve the bearing capacity of foundations road having a compromised stability due to deformation of the superstructure and road deep or more generally to improve the classification of materials (for example by mixing with an appropriate percentage of cement can lead to a material A2 / 4 to reach the performance of a material A1), then through this application you can create a site produced even more than Mixed Cement, which are prescribed for years as a foundation in the streets with high traffic heavier.
Importantly, the use of a technique does not exclude the other: if a material to stabilize cement has a certain amount of silt-clay particles can be useful to combine the action of a concrete mix of lime, many rehabilitation projects Street include lime stabilization plans laid and then the recovery of materials that are removed in the trench excavation repositioned and stabilized with cement to form a new foundation and road.

The soil stabilization with lime and / or concrete requires a preliminary study in the laboratory in order to define the optimal quantity of lime and / or cement to be mixed with the material in this site and the optimum rate of water to be added during mixing.


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