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Cold Recycling with Foamed Bitumen

The Need for Recycling
In many areas of construction, specifically road construction, using recycled materials is a necessity.
Our company is a strong believer in the environmental and economic benefits of cold recycling with foamed bitumen. We have experience in application: as subcontractors for ANAS Emilia Romagna, we repaired over 70,000 cubic meters of SS309 Romea motorway using foamed bitumen. In our experience, many rehabilitation projects begin with a road being stabilized with lime. From there, excess materials are used with cement stabilization to form a new foundation for the road.
Cantiere Menconi sulla SS 309 Romea Emilia Romagna

Menconi is aware of a preliminary study being conducted to assess the benefits of combining on-site waste materials with eco-friendly binders, such as lime and water for lime stabilization, cement and water for concrete stabilization and foamed bitumen, cement and water for cold recycling. The refuse on-site must be evaluated prior to use in the recycling process. Based on the evaluation, which considers a variety of factors such as moisture present, grain size and mechanical strength desired, the optimal percentage of binders is determined.

The results of the preliminary investigation will assess the feasibility of the intervention (that is, if the treated material is best) and if successful to determine the optimum percentage of binders to add in 'dough.
On this issue have now been refined specifications showing precise technical standards to be met in respect of characteristics of the binders, optimum moisture dough, melted particle size and mechanical strength obtained.


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